The installation of the larger Prometeo oil cup on the Abarths defines new geometries under the body, which are no longer compatible with the standard engine guard, made of plastic material.

The engine guard proposed by Prometeo is suitable for installation on the following models:
-Grande Punto Abarth
-Punto Evo Abarth

The shelter has been designed to best fit the layout of the bottom of the car. It is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and thus combines excellent mechanical strength with the total absence of corrosive phenomena.

The openings allow an adequate passage of air while driving, allowing the appropriate thermal exchanges and avoiding the establishment of dangerous overheated areas.

The design and the glossy surface finish of the material give a touch of class that cannot be missing in a respectable processing.


The motor guard, which protects the area under the engine, secures the chassis with 8 fixings

The engine guard is made of stainless steel

The shelter replaces the standard one when the Prometeo oil cup is installed