I want to develop a project of a mechanical transmission and I don't have the necessary internal skills. Can you support my company?

Yes, design support is one of our most frequent activities.

I would need a self-locking differential for the gearbox of my car, but it is not among models on shelf made by you. Would it be possible for you to design and build a single specimen?

In general we have no technical problems in developing a new model of differential, but the design and prototyping activities would bring the costs up to values much higher than those of a self-locking diff on shelf. The customer would hardly find convenient to bear these costs to produce just one specimen.

Can you perform a vibrotorsional analysis (TVA) of a transmission?

Yes, it is part of our expertise and we use dedicated software.

Can you carry out fluid dynamics analyses (CFD)?

No, we can’t carry out these analyses inside.

We have been mass-producing a machine for many years and would like to evaluate design upgrades to reduce its cost. Could you support us in this activity?

Yes, we have already carried out several tasks of this type.

I have an innovative idea for a product in my business, but there are many competitor patents and this needs to be considered while developing the project. Can you support me?

We do not deal with prior searches and patent assistance, activities which must be preliminarily carried out by a specialized firm chosen by the customer.
However, it often happens that we design taking into account identified existing patents and thus avoiding falling into unfeasible projects. With these necessary premises, the answer is “yes”.

I am a transmission manufacturer and I am experiencing noise problems in some of my units. Can you support me in finding the solution to the problem?

The causes of transmission noise are often not trivial to identify and therefore to resolve The transmission must be analyzed as a whole and a careful examination of the quality of the components involved is usually recommended.
The answer to the question is yes: we have already carried out several tasks of this type.

Can you make geometrical and strength calculations on helical gears?

Yes, it is part of our expertise

Can you carry out non-linear FE analyses?

Yes, it is part of our expertise.

A machine that we mass-produce uses a special gearbox that we purchase from an external supplier. We would like to evaluate the possibility of implementing it internally for the future. Could you take care of the design and prototyping phase?

Yes, we have already carried out several tasks of this type.

Are you able to carry out a complete technical analysis on a transmission? What is it about?

Yes, it is part of our expertise.
In principle we proceed with:
-calculation of gears, shafts and other transmission parts;
-calculation of bearings;
-functional evaluation of tolerances and related stacks;
-FEM analysis of housings or other parts in operating conditions.
Further evaluations may be appropriate. At the end a report is drawn up.

I have to reverse engineer a machine. Can you support me?

We do not have 3D scanners internally and we go externally for precision three-dimensional surveys. If the reverse engineering is a simple copying operation, without any need for our design contribution, we do not accept the task.