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Following up the project and the fulfilment of IRACE car, Prometeo shows the tubular lightweight frame/chassis and propose it to loyal customers as the backbone of a fully customised car.

It’s a light steel frame (only 107 kg in basic version), built in small series and carefully designed in order to ensure an optmum mix of strength and stiffness for a track two-seats with rear-wheel drive; it has been dimensioned following FIA guidelines, which it can be conformed to.

Furthermore, wide rear compartment allows to install also high power engines, leaving to every tuner the broadest and most appropriate choice for all car setup.

So, Irace frame is an essential starting point for everybody wants to make a “kit car” but has never found a ready solution for a very important part like chassis is.

Irace Frame is a Prometeo Meccanica product and it’s on sale in its basic version (i.e. naked tubular frame without suspensions) or in more complete setups (i.e. with suspensions, supports, wheel hubs and so on).

Very fast delivery times; basic version is even on shelf.

Price starts from 6900 euros (basic version, tax excluded).

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Prometeo Irace
Irace car, conceived, designed and made by Prometeo

Prometeo Irace
Irace Frame, in its basic version

Prometeo Irace
Frame welding is made with continuous beads along every tubular intersection

Prometeo Irace
Detail of a frame node

Prometeo IraceIrace Frame is the backbone of your kit car

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