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Increased oil pan installation on 500 Abarth defines new geometries on the underbody, not compliant with standard skid, moreover made of plastic material.

Skid plate proposed by Prometeo is designed to fit in the best way to the new shape of car bottom. It's made of stainless steel AISI 304, so it combines excellent mechanical strength with complete absence of corrosion.

Windows on the skid allow a proper air flow during drive, with good heat exchange and avoiding dangerous overheating in some spots.

Attractive design and shiny surface finishing add a touch of class that cannot miss in a true and unique car tuning.



500 Abarth
Skid plate protects the zone under the engine and it's fixed with 4 screws

500 Abarth
Skid plate replaces standard one when Prometeo increased oil pan is installed

500 Abarth
Abarth 500 is the car on which skid plate can be installed

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